Look at it! At Zenkai my booth was across from Magical MacGuffins, and she was selling awesome neck warmers, and her friend was sporting a mighty fine dragon that I loved. So I commissioned her to do one for me, in my favorite colors. Inside the dragon is a hotpack, that you can heat up and then put back in the dragon and then bam you have a dragon keeping you toasty (in a non threatening way). I still need a name, hmmm.

Her tumblr and her etsy. Check her out, buy things or commission custom awesomeness. 

St. Pat’s crafty-ness. #StPatricksDay #craft #instaart #rainbow #leprechaungold #diyholiday

St. Pat’s crafty-ness. #StPatricksDay #craft #instaart #rainbow #leprechaungold #diyholiday

Pineapple guitar pick earrings. Yup.

Pineapple guitar pick earrings. Yup.

I knew there was a reason I hoarded giftcards all those years. 

Selling these at Wizard World, bringing a bit of a craft fair to our table, heh. We’ll see if they sell alright, if they do I may get around to putting them on Etsy. Some of them look strange in the picture because they are made from the hologram giftcards TRU likes to do.

Totally made a KB Toys pair for myself, which I’ll wear to work.

Christmas gift for Barry’s niece, who is obsessed with moustaches currently. Painted a plain wooden jewelry box from a craft store black with the top design, added sparkles, foam and felt, sealed it and added a mirror. Think the moustache design I came up with is something an 11-year-old hipster would like, yes?

I’m being a Fancy/Classy Pumpkin for Halloween this year, so combined with my green tights, huge green scarf, fancy lace gloves (still have to dye those) and orange dress and now these earrings and hat I will be quite pumpkin-y. I also have more of those green leaves on a chain to wrap up in the scarf and on my purse, whooo.

Okay this should be the last bit of photos for the stuff I made for my sister’s wedding. This was their “guest book”. A broken ship’s wheel decoration from a thrift store (the spokes needed re-glued, and I had bought it for myself but never got around to doing anything with it) and some Liquitex spray paint with some cord and a silver sharpie. Really happy with how it came out and the happy couple now have a reminder of their wedding as well as a great decoration for their home. :]

Bought this, cause it seemed like a Liz thing to do. Anyone else as amused by it as I am? …Particularly the bedazzling of the skull.

Bought this, cause it seemed like a Liz thing to do. Anyone else as amused by it as I am?
…Particularly the bedazzling of the skull.

Finished it! Found a shade at Target and painted some purple and turquoise jellyfish on it and now I have a spiffy lamp to go with the new room decor.